pure+paleo Signs Mandy Gill, Health & Fitness Radio & TV Personality and Crossfit Competitor As Brand Ambassador

Vancouver, BC, March 23, 2015 — Today pure+paleo is pleased to announce that health and fitness radio and TV personality, Mandy Gill, has signed on as a Brand Ambassador.

As a pure+paleo Brand Ambassador, Ms. Gill will help promote healthy forms of dessert in an effort to maintain healthy eating habits and balance for those seeking to improve their overall health and well-being.

When asked about becoming a pure+paleo Brand Ambassador Ms. Gill said, “As someone who lives a healthy lifestyle and promotes health and wellness across Canada I am thrilled to help spread the word about clean confections that won’t derail one’s healthy choices but will also provide a delicious alternative to conventional treats and chocolates. As a fellow local small business owner focusing on the paleo diet, I am excited to join pure+paleo as they launch their healthy treats.”

Mandy Gill Brand Ambassador

Mandy Gill Brand Ambassador

Combining her two largest passions – fitness and broadcasting – Ms. Gill empowers people of all ages to discover their inner strength both mentally and physically. Determined to share experiences of how life changing and beneficial healthy living can be, she is a resident fitness host on CTV MORNING LIVE, Reebok Canada Ambassador, cover model and feature storywriter for Impact Magazine and Sweat Equity.

“pure+paleo isn’t just about providing delicious clean confections, but also about building a community and supporting a healthy lifestyle for a better future. We believe our partnership with Mandy as our Brand Ambassador is a key component in creating a brand that can reach as many individuals as possible seeking health alternatives.” said Dreama Lee, Founder of pure+paleo.

pure+paleo creates clean confections that are paleo, grain free, gluten free, dairy free and soy free using local and organic raw materials whenever possible and utilizes reusable and compostable packaging. Their chocolate pyramids are not only healthy but also focus on taste and texture for the most discerning of tastes. Their chocolate pyramids are made with the foodie in mind – while also ensuring that each confection delivers all of the healthy benefits of its ingredients.

For media inquiries, please visit http://pureandpaleo.com/press-and-media/.

About pure+paleo

pure+paleo’s clean confections are packed full of power foods, satiating the most discerning of tastes. Produced in a grain free, soy free, gluten free, dairy free and paleo facility, their focus is on a non-processed, no fillers or additives system of chocolate making, ensuring that every pyramid delivers all of the health properties of their ingredients without the side effects one may have eating traditional chocolates. As a local Vancouver and Whistler, BC business and conscious of their carbon footprint, they source ingredients locally when possible and utilize reusable and compostable packaging.

About Mandy Gill

Mandy Gill has been quoted as ‘health and fitness TV personality, founder of MGM Fitness, Crossfit competitive athlete, and advocate of everything health related’. After overcoming anorexia in her late teens, she fell in love with Crossfit in 2007 and from this her passion of living life to the fullest with fitness was born. Mandy began competing in 2010 at the Crossfit Sectionals, followed by qualifying at the Crossfit Regionals in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and soon to be 2015 with her Crossfit North Vancouver teammates.

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